Bionic started as a basic hardware store located in downtown Cebu supplying various construction materials, plumbing and finishing products. Seeing the need of the market, Bionic opened its first showroom in Mandaue called Build It!. Later, Build It! undertook a significant change and emerges under a new form of Build It! Showroom and DIY shop. It is the first to introduce to the VisMin market a new approach of displaying the best and latest in hardware and construction technology. Bionic continues to explore its horizon thus Intranet Trade International Inc (ITrade) was established and became the importation arm of the company. It deals with the wholesale trading on direct imported products. Bionic as the parent company, grew over the years and continues to remain agressive in its drive to supply quality and innovative building materials in the industry until now.

What makes Bionic stand out over its other players in the market, is its strong and competitive product line in bathroom and architectural finishes. Bionic’s core branding puts emphasis on product specialization and innovation.

Bionic aspires to bring in the highest quality products, value for money and most innovative materials. It aims to carry on that aspiration to our clients by ensuring them that the company is determined to continuously supply innovative products in order to consistently meet the demands of the market and the goals it has set to attain the vision and mission of the company. Proof that innovation and dynamism goes a long long way.